if ‘they’ said “It’s a Girl!” when you were born, you had a girlhood. I.E. on first breathe placed into the oppressed class of girls/women. Even if you decide later you want to live your life as a man, you still had a girlhood.

Men who decide to live their lives as women, did not have a girlhood because they were little boys.

It’s all pretty simple. But saying these simple things is being called ‘hate speech’ by some factions these days.

Girlhood is Significant. Specifically because as soon as it is declared you are a girl, you are automatically a second class citizen across the entire world.

Being female is not a privilege. It is an oppressed position, because Misogyny still rules society.

Eliminate misogyny, and everything gets fixed: wars, economy, inequal distribution of resources, racism, environmental destruction, male violence and abuse… everything

You Are A Splendid Butterfly

It is very important for transgender women activists to destroy the concept of “shared girlhood.” If they do not destroy it, if they do not erase the class of humans called “women,” Women will begin to realize that transgender women are, in fact, Men.

Transgender women did not experience #sharedgirlhood because they were, in fact, little boys. And they are, in fact, Men.

Being groomed into the subordinate “gender role” afforded to those born female is not a privilege. What Queer Feminism does to Women is Lie to Us.

Stop lying.

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How very dare women have #sharedgirlhood?!

Shame on You

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How very dare women have #sharedgirlhood?!

“Oh, I’m sorry about the fact that girls have girlhoods and that this may be “triggering” for some people. Shall I apologise for my vagina at the same time?? BECAUSE I HAD NO CONTROL OVER EITHER OF THESE THINGS. And what is “transmisogyny”? Misogyny = hatred of females. MEN ARE NOT FEMALE. THEY NEED TO STOP APPROPRIATING US” ~firewomon



The performance of ‘woman’ by autogynephiles is offensive appropriation and colonization of females.

Mavaddat Javid ‏@mavaddat Madeleine Michaels & @VanRapeRelief

Why do people (males) who wish to live their lives as women target services that help females who are victims of male violence? How does that support their ‘woman-ness’? Why not use the time and energy to create support services/organizations for trans* persons who are victims of male violence? How does harassing females prove you are a woman, or help to get you accepted as a woman?

Gender Identity Watch


Mavaddat Javid ‏and Madeleine Michaels are Men’s Rights Activists actively campaigning to force a shelter that provides service to Women brutalised by male violence to also provide services for males.  MRAs periodically target Vancouver Rape Relief because of the organizations unswerving dedication to Women. The most recent campaign of abuse came as VRR commemorated the murder of 14 women by an MRA who shouted anti-femist statements as he gunned them down.

Petition _ Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter_ Allow trans-women at the Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter! _ Change.

Twitter _ mavaddat_ Vancouver cares about trans ...

Prior Blog Post.

Prior Blog Post.

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Just a few basics

Woman = female human being

Man = male human being

sex = biological reality of being male or female. or copulation

gender = socially constructed oppression of women based upon sexual stereotypes

sex is a biological reality. it’s how organisms are able to reproduce.

gender is not innate. there is no such thing as ‘brain sex’.

you cannot be ‘born into the wrong body’. similarly, there is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.


Also, one cannot >actually< change one’s sex.

Montreal Massacre Memorial Conference 2013

Report back from Terri Strange on the annual 2013 Montreal Massacre Memorial Conference, that was threatened and protested by my males. The event commemorates the murder of 14 women in 1989 by a male named Mark Lepine for being feminists.

The Arctic Feminist

Upon entering the Vancouver Public Library it was apparent that Vancouver Rape Relief collective members could use some help setting up one of their displays.  Myself and the other Pacific Northwestern Americans that rode up to Vancouver BC together decided to chip in.  We were heckled immediately by several men in the library.  “Men are people too.”  “Thats a waste of money, I’m hungry!”  “Women have everything handed to them on a silver platter.”  “I raped a woman and I’m proud of it.”

I’d never experienced this kind of shitty treatment upon setting up a feminist event before.  Of course I intellectually know how much men hate feminists but to actually be told this kind of beta-male horseshit to my face was a little unnerving to say the least.  Given what we were there to commemorate, the murder of 14 women, killed as feminists, by the deranged misogynist Mark Lepine…

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