Mavaddat Javid ‏@mavaddat Madeleine Michaels & @VanRapeRelief

Why do people (males) who wish to live their lives as women target services that help females who are victims of male violence? How does that support their ‘woman-ness’? Why not use the time and energy to create support services/organizations for trans* persons who are victims of male violence? How does harassing females prove you are a woman, or help to get you accepted as a woman?

Gender Identity Watch


Mavaddat Javid ‏and Madeleine Michaels are Men’s Rights Activists actively campaigning to force a shelter that provides service to Women brutalised by male violence to also provide services for males.  MRAs periodically target Vancouver Rape Relief because of the organizations unswerving dedication to Women. The most recent campaign of abuse came as VRR commemorated the murder of 14 women by an MRA who shouted anti-femist statements as he gunned them down.

Petition _ Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter_ Allow trans-women at the Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter! _ Change.

Twitter _ mavaddat_ Vancouver cares about trans ...

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Prior Blog Post.

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