Here’s a thing: women exist

Cis TERF RadScum CisScum
can be added to that list as well

Karen Ingala Smith

Insult us from the playground to parliament: Bitch.  Witch.  Slapper.  Cow.  Dog.  Mouse.  Mousse.  Tart.  Whore.  Slut.  Slag.  Slattern.  Fish-wife.  Bossy.  Bag.  Harridan.  Hag.  Man.  Man-hater.

Strengthen the cage: reinforce gender by making girlhood pinker, shinier,  sparklier, sweeter.   Princess, pretty, doll, lady, sugar, honey, treacle.

Abort us. Kill us, rape us, burn us, drown us.

Constrict us: corset, girdle, spanx.

Restrict us.  Block our education.  Pay us less.  Prevent us from voting, driving, ski-jumping.

Sell us lies.

Fill us with botox, collagen, PIPs.  Our lips, wrinkles, breasts, bottoms:  bigger, puffier, perter.

Our skin too shiny, too dull, too dark, too pale.

Cut out our fat, labia, clitorises.  Make heels higher;  hair longer, straighter, blonder. Strip it, pluck it, wax it, shave it.

Legalise our commodification.  Prostitute us. Objectify us. Hide us in modest clothing.  Shame our bodies. Camel-toe, nipple-block, vagisil.

This is society, not biology, not psychology. Man-made. Patriarchy.


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