Thirteen myths about women’s music festivals busted


As I get ready to attend the National Women’s Music Festival I thought about all the things folks have told me about them over the years, from the outrageous (“They shoot men, don’t they?”) to the benign (“They still have those things?”). I’ve attended festivals for over thirty years. Let me blast a few myths for you.

They’re all transphobic

Might as well deal with the elephant in the room first; the answer is no.  Michigan asks that only women-born-women attend. They’re the only current festival that I know of that’s like this.  Most festivals welcome trans women and their supporters.  In fact, they could really use everyone’s support.

Michigan is the oldest festival

Nope. The National Festival is the oldest. It began the year before Michigan. In fact, when Michigan organizers first started, they showed up at National with their flyers. They sat in the lobby with a cooler…

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