All The Things You Can’t Deny: Title IX, Trans Women, And the Reality of ‘Neutrality’

This is fucking ridiculous. Might as well taking Title IX off the books. Fucking queertransgender bullshit ONLY serves MEN


When it comes to the issue of identification versus biology, perhaps no place illustrates the discrepancies better than sports.

Athletes like Fallon Fox, who went from being a third-rate MMA fighter in the men’s division to winning all his bouts but one when he went in the ring with women, show that the body discrepancies between an XY and XX human are not simply due to hormones.

Now, many trans activists claim that the fact that Fox lost one of his bouts—and the fact that several sports authorities have agreed to accept men as women if they complete two years of hormone replacement therapy—proves that there is no difference between hormone-altered men and natal women.

This, of course, is based only on studies that show muscle percentages being similar.  How are bone density, the differences in body shape, and so on supposed to change?  No answer.

The problem becomes…

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Schrodinger’s Woman. How the notional has become fact, erasing even sex as it’s foundation.


Patriarchy has always defined adult human females as women, namely that the notional woman is that which is defined by, and for , the male .
This is gender hierarchy.
It classes one gender superior .
Nonetheless, the two were obviously different, and separate.
Male and female = man and woman.

Then along comes transgenderism*.
People who define women to be whatever a person decides this is.
That a person can self identify their gender as “woman” – not exclusively but overwhelmingly based on patriarchal tropes, and with individual tweaks, including the retention of the privilege , violence (both physical and psychological) and sexual predativeness of the gender , “man” which they profess to eschew.

Thus, they render the phenotype based theory of sex = gender** , in their philosophy, obsolete.
Unlike radical feminists ,however , they do not do this in order to free females from the sex based…

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Your dick is not an assumption


I’ve been pretty up front on this blog about the fact that my impetus to create it arose from abject horror at the way lesbian communities (in particular) were being colonized/destroyed. Suddenly, organizations and publications that previously focused on the needs of women, on topics of import for women, were now focused squarely on the interests of males who feel like women. Such interests – pronouns, access to hormones and surgeries, entry into women’s restrooms, theorizing on penises – are in no way important to women’s liberation or women’s actual experiences. They may be very important to trans folk, but they have precious little to do with the issues actually facing women. And yet, women are expected to take these issues on in spaces that once were for and about them. Very few people are outraged over this, because very few people truly care about women and fewer still care…

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