Schrodinger’s Woman. How the notional has become fact, erasing even sex as it’s foundation.


Patriarchy has always defined adult human females as women, namely that the notional woman is that which is defined by, and for , the male .
This is gender hierarchy.
It classes one gender superior .
Nonetheless, the two were obviously different, and separate.
Male and female = man and woman.

Then along comes transgenderism*.
People who define women to be whatever a person decides this is.
That a person can self identify their gender as “woman” – not exclusively but overwhelmingly based on patriarchal tropes, and with individual tweaks, including the retention of the privilege , violence (both physical and psychological) and sexual predativeness of the gender , “man” which they profess to eschew.

Thus, they render the phenotype based theory of sex = gender** , in their philosophy, obsolete.
Unlike radical feminists ,however , they do not do this in order to free females from the sex based…

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