Janice Raymond (USA)

Janice Raymond refutes the lies about her

Gender Identity Watch

Dr. Janice Raymond

Dr. Janice Raymond has responded to the campaign of lies and harassment waged against her by transgender activists here.

Fictions and Facts About the Transsexual Empire – Janice Raymond.

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Can we have a week, fellas? Can we?


Recently Chad “Parker” Molloy wrote a piece of shit article for the Advocate, a publication that used to be about the gay and lesbian community, in which he derided the Michigan Womyn’s Festival as being “exclusionary” because it does not cater to the demands of men who feel like women. In the article, as he is wont, he conflates sex and gender, arguing there really is no difference between dudes who “feel like ladies” and women who were born as females (affording us all that fancy “cisprivilege”).

Naturally the comments that followed were largely written by men (by men, I mean “all men,” including those who feel like women). in support of Malloy’s stance. Naturally the comments that followed were peppered with contempt for women/women’s spaces.

Some folks called Molloy on his bullshit, which sent him into a Twitter meltdown about being harassed/upset/having the sads because mean feminists took offense to…

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