Targeted By Misogynists


I guess it was just a matter of time. I was targeted by a hate group who, ironically, decided my Facebook page was a “TERF hate page.”


Forget the fact that I have publicly stated more than once that I am not a radfem.

Forget the fact that I have publicly denounced male violence of -any- kind, including male violence perpetrated by or against transgenders.

Forget the fact that I have stated publicly that transgenders should be protected from discrimination, i.e., protected from being fired, evicted, violence, etc.

Forget ALL of that because I write about how this patriarchal society should abolish gender and the accompanying gender stereotypes so that women and men and girls and boys could be and dress however they want without having to say they are the opposite sex because that, the sex part, is immutable. One can never change their sex.

So, because I write about that…

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In Solidarity with Ferguson, Act Locally: 5 Things White People Can Do to Combat Racist Police Violence

Change From Within

Scott Olson/Getty Images, Found Here

Like countless others around the country, I have been wrapped up in pain, anger, and concern over the killing of Michael Brown, the police cover up, the protests, and violent police response to those protests.  It’s been concerning (though perhaps not surprising) to see the state-sanctioned displays of White supremacy and utter contempt for the constitutional rights of poor Black people (especially with recent restraint used by institutional power when White protestors were pointing weapons at federal agents).

Perhaps what’s most concerning, though, is how this situation is described by White acquaintances, friends, and family who are not actively engaged in anti-racist action.

Some responses blame the victim: “Michael Brown was a criminal.” “If the protestors would just be civil, the police wouldn’t react the way they have.”

Other responses express naive shock and outrage: “How could this happen in America?” “Clearly the police…

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Leslie Feinberg #RIPLeslieFeinberg @TheAdvocateMag (USA)

Gender Identity Watch

Leslie Feinberg with Flowers

Leslie Feinberg died, allegedly of “chronic lyme disease” that she allegedly had for decades (google “chronic lyme disease” and fraud), according to this obituary written by her partner. The Advocate, always classy, will make you watch an ad before you can read the obituary.

Query when GLBT Media will talk about the impact of testosterone on Leslie Feinberg’s health and death.

Transgender Pioneer Leslie Feinberg of Stone Butch Blues Has Died _ Advocate.

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Barnard College (USA)

I’m glad Barnard is taking a more measured, thoughtful approach, rather than rushing in and bending under the pressure of the usual bullying from the trans activist front.

Gender Identity Watch


Barnard will likely not create a policy admitting transgender students within the next four years, Barnard College President Debora Spar said at a Student Government Association meeting.

Barnard College President Debora Spar says transgender admissions policy unlikely within next four years

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“What ya got here is a tarp”: On manstruation


This is a joint effort with the brilliant Hypotaxis (trigger warning: super-long post).


We love watching “Hoarders.” One thing we especially enjoy about the show is the occasional character break of the therapists, wherein they drop their clinical reserve and TOTALLY PASS JUDGEMENT on the hoarder, e.g., This house is hoarded and disgusting or Look, it doesn’t matter if this magazine “smells” or not: A mouse has pooped on it!

During a recent “Hoarders” binge, we viewed an episode where the hoarder had allowed termites to devour her home to such an extent that one entire wall of her kitchen was gone and in its place, a flimsy blue tarp.

Even the psychologist was shocked by the neglect, and in his shock, lapsed into inadvertent profundity:

This used to be a . . . where there used to be a wall, he stammered. Where there was a wall, now…

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