SIS not Cis

It’s get endlessly tiresome and frustrating to have to explain again and again to other women why ‘cis’ is inaccurate and highly offensive. and when i say ‘women’ i mean females. (I say ‘trans women’ for trans women. But trans women are women, you say. Please see here for more on that.)  It seems pretty obviously to me that females are not privileged in any society or culture on this planet. We are assigned into the subjugated class ‘woman’ from our first breathe, and we are inundated our entire lives with reminders of our second class citizenship and pressure to conform to some sort of idea of what is feminine and womanly that is only considered such because it serves the male gaze (i.e. a sexually subservient and over all subjugated and submissive position to males). This is not news. This is what feminism has been fighting against since the jump. It is baffling to me that women who consider themselves feminists will throw females under the bus to privilege the rights of males who are living their lives as women (trans women). Sounds a bit like Stockholm Syndrome to me. But women have been selling out other women for their positioning with males since the days of the witch hunts and burnings, or maybe since humanity abandoned matrirachal goddess worship based society. And the witch hunts never ended, btw. They have just have taken a new form. But i digress….

I’ve compiled links here of several terrific blog posts that take on ‘CIS’ and have listed them here, and will add to it as more brilliant women speak up about this. I get way too angry about this to address this with any kind of aplomb, so I leave it to others, who have handled it.
I am not ‘CIS’. Do not label me thus. Do not label me, period.

READ THESE. THEN, we can discuss the topic (btw, not all of these are written bywomen)


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